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WSSCA Successful Rescue - Astro
Above - Astro before adoption. Below - Astro after adoption.

Astro is a senior male Brittany that was found in a South Central Los Angeles, California animal shelter on September 7, 2005. He was seen by an English Springer Rescue America volunteer who contacted WSSCA Rescue to let us know about his presence in the shelter. Astro appears to have been neglected/not groomed for most of the last 12 months and was rescued just hours prior to his scheduled time for euthanasia.

Astro has been taken to a vet’s office for some much needed bathing, grooming, medical care and neutering. He will enter WSSCA foster care very shortly and will be ready for adoption in the near future.

September 2005 – After a short time being fostered by a WSSCA member, Astro was adopted and went to live with a gentleman that recently lost his senior Welsh Springer Spaniel. Astro now has all of the care and attention that he was missing and can look forward to several more golden years.