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WSSCA Successful Rescue - Belle
(Rescue Assisted Owner Placement)
Blaze and Belle (Belle on right)

October 2007 -  Every once in a while, rescue groups are contacted by an owner or a breeder who needs to re-home a dog due to unforeseen circumstances. Such was the case with Belle, a lovely one year old Welshie female. Belle’s breeder had been contacted by the owner and, despite one year of trying to manage a family member’s allergic response with multiple medications, it became evident that she needed to find a new home. The owners were devastated and contacted Belle’s breeder who, in turn, contacted WSSCA Rescue to see if there were any approved adopters nearby. As luck would have it, WSSCA Rescue had just been contacted less than two months previously by a gentleman who was seeking a second Welsh Springer Spaniel female to keep his two year old Welshie female company. The two parties were put in contact with one another and chose a weekend to meet and see if the two dogs hit it off well. Per the report of both the original owners and the new adoptive owner, “the two were like doggy soulmates from the start.” All went well and Belle went to her new home with a very happy dog sister and new owner.