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WSSCA Successful Rescue - Brandy

Brandy is an approximately six year old Welsh Springer Spaniel that was found in a Fresno, California shelter by a lady there to rescue three English Setters. The shelter director made her a “package deal”, asking her to take Brandy as well as the three English Setters. Jan took the dogs as asked and, several e-mails later, WSSCA Breed Rescue became aware of her presence and need for rescue.

Working with Jan in California, Brandy was taken to her veterinarian and was spayed. She was found to have two swollen teats or mammary glands and these were also removed. In addition to this, she was vaccinated, wormed and microchipped. On August 17th, Brandy made the trip to Jan’s home and settled in with the English Setters already there.    

Jan’s impression was that Brandy had always been an “outside” dog from the calluses on her body. When she was turned in to the animal shelter, the former owner told the shelter staff that she was even trained to retrieve ducks for him when he went hunting. Her AKC paperwork was turned in to the shelter with her as well, however, this was not turned over to Jan or to WSSCA Breed Rescue, so we will never know who bred this lovely dog.

During the next few days, Brandy settled in and, as Jan so beautifully stated, “wrapped her paws around my heart.” With the assistance of a California WSS breeder, a potential adopter was located and screened by both Jan and by WSSCA Breed Rescue.   

Brandy went to her new family on August 20, 2004. She is now an inside dog in a loving home with three children to play with her and keep her company.