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WSSCA Successful Rescue - Buddy
Above - Buddy before adoption. Below - Buddy after adoption.

An approximately 12 year old male Welsh Springer Spaniel has just been rescued from a shelter in the Los Angeles, California area. He appears to be in pretty good condition and has a lovely temperament. The shelter began treating a minor eye infection and will be vet-checked as soon as he leaves the shelter today. When visited in the shelter, he knew how to sit, lie down and even gives his paw for a hand shake.

September 2005 - After a short time a veterinarian’s office getting cleaned up and having some minor health issues addressed, Buddy went to a new home with a WSSCA member in Oregon. He has been re-named “Ranger” and shares his life with a younger WSS and a young boy named Andrew. Ranger is much happier and is now getting doted upon as he deserves in his golden years.