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WSSCA Successful Rescue - Cody

Cody is an approximately 7 or 8 year old male Welsh Springer Spaniel who was removed from an animal shelter in Tuscaloosa, Alabama by a Brittany Rescue group. He was initially mis-identified as a Brittany and moved to a foster home in North Carolina. His new “Brittany” foster mom realized that he is a Welsh Springer Spaniel and contacted WSSCA Rescue right away.

Cody has heartworms and is currently due to receive his second round of treatment in mid-April. Once he has recovered from that, he can be neutered. Cody gets along beautifully with other dogs and has no interest in cats whatsoever. He is laid back and does not have a high energy level. He is easy to live with and has the typical Velcro Welsh Springer Spaniel temperament without any separation anxiety issues.