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WSSCA Successful Rescue - Daisy
Daisy is an approximately five year old French Brittany female that was found in an animal shelter in Michigan. The shelter had received her as a stray and no information is known about her past. From the initial photos of Daisy, it was thought that she might be a Welsh Springer Spaniel and she was brought into WSSCA Rescue. However, with new and improved photos, it is now apparent that Daisy is not a Welsh Springer Spaniel and is a French Brittany. Since coming into WSSCA foster care, she has been to the vet and has undergone some much needed medical care. Daisy has also undergone the surgical removal of a soft tissue mass that has hade her more comfortable when she lies down.

In just three weeks of foster care so far, she is reported to be sweet and is enjoying the attention that she has been receiving. She knows some basic obedience commands and has obviously been crate trained as she does not mind going in to a crate at all. She has allowed her foster parents to clean her ears, trim her toe nails and bathe her without any fuss. She also gets along with the other dogs in her foster home and does not seem to be interested in the resident cats. She is a very mellow and eager to please dog in her foster home. Her foster mother reports that she is a joy to have.