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WSSCA Successful Rescue - Dallas

Dallas is an adult male red and white spaniel mix rescued by the Welsh Springer Spaniel Club from a shelter in Texas on his scheduled euthanasia day. He had been in the shelter for eight weeks and had been looked at by four different spaniel breed rescue groups and all felt that he was not the specific breed that they rescued. Pleas went out to WSSCA and we thought that he might be a Welshie, so he was pulled and saved.

Dallas is described by his foster mom in Kansas as a very calm and sensible dog. He has just come in to foster care and will be gaining some weight in the next few weeks. While in the shelter in Texas he had a lot of coat cut off due to matting and then, when neutered, even more hair was cut away. His foster mom groomed him upon arrival and we are sure that he will grow his new coat quickly with the good care that she is providing. He has a long tail that he loves to wag when he is happy.

Dallas’ foster mom reports that he is about 17 inches tall and weighs just about 30 pounds right now. He was not interested in her farm cats and kittens and she is going to see how he reacts to birds once he settles in. Dallas plays gently with other dogs and is comfortable in his crate and kennel.  He rode through some harsh storms on his way to foster care and was not the least bit distressed by all of the inclement weather and thunder. He is neutered, fully vaccinated, vetted and ready for a new loving home.

Dallas has been adopted and is now living in Colorado!