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WSSCA Successful Rescue - Drew

Drew is an approximately 2 year old male Welsh Springer Spaniel found in a shelter in very rural southeastern Indiana. He was listed as a Brittany by the shelter staff, however, he was recognized as a Welsh Springer Spaniel by his shelter photo. He was taken in to foster care on April 10th and is doing well so far. There are three other Welshies, all females, in his foster home and Drew is trying to figure out his place in the pack’s pecking order at this point. He is also being taught not to bolt out of the door and to wait for a leash to be put on before he is allowed outside.

Drew is reported to be very energetic and will need both an outlet for his energy level and some consistent manners and obedience training in his new home. It appears that he has not had the benefit of either in his young life so far. He does calm down and is good in the house and even ignores the resident cat.

Once Drew has settled in and gotten adjusted to his surroundings, we will be able to complete a full assessment of him. He is already neutered and vaccinated and will be getting a vet check and beauty treatment in the coming days. He will also be microchipped at his upcoming vet check.

If you are interested in this young male Welshie, please contact WSSCA’s Rescue Coordinator.

As of 22 May 2008 Drew has been adopted and is going to a new home in Florida.