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WSSCA Successful Rescue - Dude

Dude is a two year old male Welsh Springer Spaniel who entered rescue in September 2008.   He was seen on an internet puppy sale website being offered for sale by his owner.   Dude was offered for sale because he was not driven to hunt.  His owner reported that he does enjoy retrieving and being in the field, but is not driven to hunt as he would like.    A gentleman in New York contacted Dude’s owner and agreed to pay the adoption/purchase price and Dude was then turned over to WSSCA rescue for re-homing.

Dude was raised primarily as an indoor/outdoor dog, spending his days outdoors while his owner worked and then was brought indoors at night.   He will need a home that is open to his possibilities and one that will have a commitment to training him so that he can learn the boundaries of good behavior.  Dude is a diamond in the rough and is very eager to please his foster mom.   He just needs to know what to do and how to do it properly.    Are you willing to give this boy some polish?