Dutch (Rusty)

Dutch (Renamed Rusty)

Dutch & Brody with the Girls

Rusty and Brody with the Girls

Dutch and Brody

Rusty and Brody



In October 2013, WSSCA Rescue was notified of two young adult male Welsh Springer Spaniels that had been abandoned in Oregon behind a vet’s office. They were both crated and all of their medical, pedigree and vet history information was left with them. The owner even wrote a note about each dog. They were taken to an area shelter who then contacted WSSCA Rescue about one of the two males. They had no difficulty placing one of the two, but were concerned about the second dog as he was more timid than the other. WSSCA Rescue secured assistance for this male and a local member picked him up for foster care. She assessed his temperament and felt that he would do well if placed in a home that would consider him for adoption from the outset, rather than bouncing at a later date after he had formed an attachment to her family and dogs. Such a home was found and “Dutch” was transferred.

Dutch has now been re-named Rusty and is blossoming in this foster to adopt home. He has bonded with the confident resident male Welshie and the two teenage daughters too. They enrolled him in some agility training and he has really come out of his shell, following the lead of their older male Welshie that takes the class with him. He now has much more confidence and continues to grow with each passing month.