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WSSCA Successful Rescue - Gunner

In early August 2005, WSSCA Rescue received an adoption inquiry from a gentleman in the Houston, Texas area, stating that his WSS puppy had become lost while he was in the care of a friend and had not been found. His puppy, Gunner, was able to dig out of a fenced yard and he had been unable to locate him through searches of local shelters and phone calls to local veterinarians.

On December 30th, 2005 WSSCA Rescue received an e-mail from English Springer Rescue America in Houston, Texas, stating that they believed they had a young male WSS in their rescue. They had picked up the dog that same day from a local homeowner who found the dog sitting on his porch on Christmas Day. Photos were provided by ESRA and the phone calls immediately began.

The first phone call was to the individual suspected of being the breeder of this young dog. She sent litter photos of the puppy that we suspected this was. The next call was to the owner, telling him that we suspected we had located his lost dog. He was astounded and e-mailed a photo of Gunner, taken when he was four months old and lying in his bed with his rescued Catahoula Leopard dog. A positive identification was made and communications between ESRA and the owner began.

On December 31st, Gunner was reunited with his owner and went home to celebrate a very Happy New Year.