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WSSCA Successful Rescue - Lilly
Lilly Lilly Lilly
Lilly Before Rescue Lilly After Rescue
Lilly is an approximately two year old female Welshie found running loose in North Carolina as a stray and brought to a local animal shelter. Lilly had apparently been tied out to a tree and had chewed her way loose, leaving that life behind. It was reported that Lilly had done this approximately three times previously in the past year and, each time, her owners had collected her when she wound up in the local shelter. This time, however, they did not. A shelter volunteer took her to her home when Lilly’s legal stray hold was up and an English Springer Rescue America intake coordinator called WSSCA Rescue about her. Lilly was immediately accepted and moved her to the care of a family with two Welshies in North Carolina. While there, she learned how to accept other dogs in her “space”, how to eat her meals out of a bowl and how to play with cats. Lilly was never crate trained in her previous home, so her new foster mom and family will be working with her to help her overcome her fear of crates and confinement. In addition, she is able to climb a fence like a cat and, once out, immediately looks for someone to run to and play with. Lilly is a sweet dog who loves attention and is ready to learn what it is like to be a treasured family addition.