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WSSCA Successful Rescue - Llyswen

July 2006 - Llys is a 12 year old Welsh Springer Spaniel that was born in Wales in 1993. Her owners lived in the United Kingdom at that time and, when they moved to the United States, they brought Llys with them. In January 2006, Llys’ “mom” passed away and her “dad” is having some challenges with his own health as well. He wants what is best for Llys and is hoping that someone will offer his beloved Welshie a second home.

Llys is an overall very healthy Welshie and gets along well with everyone and all other dogs that she has been around. She takes a thyroid hormone pill daily and is still spry enough to chase squirrels around her home. She is a little deaf and has slowed down a little bit in recent years, but not enough to really notice.