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WSSCA Successful Rescue - Mocha


Molcha Mocha
Mocha Mocha

MOCHA – 3 year old female Welsh Springer Spaniel

Mocha is a three year old purebred and AKC registered Welsh Springer Spaniel whose owners would like to find her a home where she is more comfortable.  Mocha was originally purchased from a breeder in the western United States by the parents of the current owners and lived with this couple for her first two years.   After that, she came to live with her current owners and they have a young daughter.  The current owners hoped that Mocha would seek out the company of their young daughter and they hoped that these two could grow up together.  However, Mocha is much more comfortable with adults and, while not uncomfortable with the young daughter in the home, does not routinely seek her out for play.   For this reason, they would like to find her another home where she can be comfortable with adults.   Mocha lives near Nashville, Tennessee and will remain with her owners until a new home is found.  WSSCA Rescue is helping with referrals and screening.