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WSSCA Successful Rescue - Riley

Riley is an approximately 3 year old now neutered Irish Red and White Setter in WSSCA Rescue.  When he was initially seen, he was thought to be a tall and skinny Welsh Springer Spaniel.  However, photos taken out of the shelter revealed that he is a lovely example of an Irish Red and White Setter.
Riley is now in foster care in Chicago, Illinois and has done quite well since his arrival.  He is both housetrained and crate trained.   He adores the female German Shorthaired Pointer mix in his foster home and also does well at the local dog park with dogs of both sexes.   He has had some difficulties with the intact male WSS in his foster home, however, that is still a manageable situation and not cause for any alarm.  He is capable of jumping fences, so secure fencing is an issue for this boy.   While in foster care, he has become much more sure of men and he has done very well overcoming his uncertainty with new circumstances.