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WSSCA Successful Rescue - Rocky

Rocky is a six year old Welsh Springer Spaniel male who was left at a vet’s office in California for boarding, grooming and surgical care. After three months time, the vet obtained legal custody of Rocky and the vet’s office called American Brittany Rescue for assistance with Rocky. The ABR representative visited the vet’s office and, even though she realized that Rocky was not a Brittany, she could not leave him behind. He had been in a small run in the vet’s office for three months and his whole personality tugged at her heart strings so much that she took him home with her.

Rocky’s owner had clearly listed Rocky as a Welsh Springer Spaniel in two places when he brought him to the vet’s office for care, so no one is really sure how he “became” a Brittany during his stay in the vet’s care. Through a surprise chain of events, I came to be aware of Rocky’s presence with the ABR foster mother in California and got involved immediately.

Rocky is six years old, now neutered, up to date on all of his vaccinations and veterinary care, including microchipping. His temperament is reported to be superb and he gets along with other dogs. His relationship with cats is unknown. He is reported to be a very happy-go-lucky kind of guy with no issues whatsoever.

The photo of Rocky shows him in a “fuzzy” stage and heavier than he should be due to his three month stay in a small kennel run. A normal activity level and a day at a doggie spa should be all that is necessary to bring him to his potential.