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WSSCA Successful Rescue - Ruger

Ruger is a seven year old Welsh Springer Spaniel male who has just come in to WSSCA foster care in Colorado. He was relinquished by his owner because they no longer had time to spend with him. 

In foster care, Ruger is learning new things. He never lived inside his previous owners’ home, living outside and sleeping in a shed at night. In foster care, he now lives inside and is learning about all of the new things that go along with living indoors. He lived with other dogs in his previous home and is also living with other dogs in his foster home as well. His foster mom and dad are being very patient with him as he settles in and adapts to all of the changes.

Ruger is quite healthy for a seven year old dog. He will be neutered and will have his teeth cleaned after he has settled in to foster care for a short time. His foster mom thought it best to wait until he had settled in before getting these two things done. He is up to date on vaccinations and is also being trained to abide by an underground electric fence set-up.

Ruger Ruger

Ruger is  making great strides in foster care. He is now crate trained and nearly reliable with housetraining. He is trained to an invisible fencing system and is doing much better when it comes to dealing with new situations. When meeting new people, he is still very timid and it takes him time to warm up and feel comfortable.

Ruger’s foster mom thinks that he would do best in a home with another dog, preferably female. He is definitely not an alpha dog and she has found that he is learning new skills and is developing confidence from the two resident dogs that she has. After several weeks, she has found a training treat that Ruger likes and it is pretzels. He won’t even take roast beef, but pretzels are something that he really enjoys!!! Ruger will require a patient owner and one with Welshie or similar breed experience would be a plus. Are you Ruger’s special someone?