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WSSCA Successful Rescue - Sammie


Sammie Sammie Sammie
Sammie (formally Penny)

Sammie, located in California, is an approximately ten year old spayed Welsh Springer Spaniel female who came to WSSCA’s Rescue program through the efforts of American Brittany Rescue. Sammie was mistakenly identified as a Brittany and, after a period of time in their foster care, it was suspected that she might not be a purebred Brittany and WSSCA was contacted to see if she might be a Welshie. It turned out that she is a Welshie and Sammie was immediately brought in to our foster care program.

Through the records of American Brittany Rescue it was learned that Sammie has been owner-relinquished two times in the past five years for reported separation anxiety. Therefore, the best home for her would be one in which someone is home most of the time and a canine companion would also be a great help for Sammie as she is very comfortable in the company of other dogs.