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WSSCA Successful Rescue - Tessa

The newest addition to WSSCA Rescue is an approximately 7 year old female. She was located in an animal control facility in Maryland and, with the assistance of an all-breed rescuer, was removed from the shelter just 30 minutes prior to being put to sleep.

This mature girl appears to have been de-barked in the past and was also spayed in the past as well. All indications are that she was well cared for prior to being found as a stray. She gets along well with other dogs and has been a fine houseguest for her Welshie foster mom.

Her personality is pure Velcro dog and she has some very mild separation anxiety. This may be attributed more to the fact that she has been separated from her owners, taken to a shelter and is now in foster care rather than any behavior issue of concern. Her foster mother reports that she also travels well and is generally a pretty quiet dog.

The Maryland rescue female is now adopted. She got a loving home with a retired couple that have an almost 3 year old Welshie to keep her company