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WSSCA Successful Rescue - Tommy

Tommy is a two year old Welsh Springer Spaniel that was found in an animal control center in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. He was listed as a red and white English Springer Spaniel and MAESSR notified WSSCA Rescue right away. He was removed from the shelter and placed in foster care immediately.

Tommy was not fully socialized as a puppy and needs to spend some time in foster care where he can re-learn the way in which he responds to new stimuli and strangers. In addition, he will be neutered and microchipped very shortly. Once this has been completed, he will be undergoing a temperament evaluation and this will help us determine his best new home.

Tommy is a very typical Welshie who loves to be paid attention to. He is learning how to interact with other dogs and with humans in his life too.

Tommy has been determined to be the littermate of “Lucy”, another rescued WSS from last year. They are the product of a litter between an AKC registered male WSS and an unregistered liver and white English Springer Spaniel. Out of six puppies, three are known to have been rescued and they are just 2 ½ years old. Lucy and her brother, Tommy, have come in to WSS Rescue and another littermate, Ricky (abandoned with Lucy), is black and white and was rescued by ESS Rescue of Long Island, NY.