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WSSCA Successful Rescue - Trevor

In early June 2005, WSSCA Rescue was asked to help secure a new and permanent home for Trevor, a 7 year old Welsh Springer Spaniel whose owners had experienced a major change in their health status. Trevor had already been placed in a new/second home in January 2005 by their veterinarian, however, these owners had decided not to keep Trevor when a marital change occurred. In June 2005, Trevor went back in the vet’s boarding area to await a permanent home and his owner contacted me rather than permit the vet to place him again.

One hour previous to receiving the initial e-mail message from Trevor’s owner, I had received a telephone call from a gentleman in Texas that had grown up with a Welsh Springer Spaniel and now wanted his children to know the love of a Welshie. After speaking at length with this gentleman and completing the necessary screening, I put the two individuals together and arrangements were made for Trevor to travel from Kentucky to Texas in about three weeks time.

July 24, 2005 - Trevor now has a home in which he is adored and doted upon, as he had been in his initial home. Both owners are keeping in contact and Trevor is reported to be doing well as he settles in.

UPDATE – AUGUST 30, 2005
English Springer Rescue America’s Texas coordinator e-mailed me that one of her volunteers was traveling to a shelter near Austin, TX to pull a 7 year old neutered male Welsh Springer Spaniel (i.e. Trevor) that was owner-relinquished when his owner could no longer keep him due to reports of severe separation anxiety. English Springer Rescue America had gotten the call from the shelter immediately after he was received and was able to take him in to foster care on the day following his relinquishment. The volunteer that removed him from the shelter fostered him for about one week until we were able to move Trevor to a new Welshie foster home in Kansas with the assistance of an American Brittany Rescue-coordinated railroad.

While in foster care with his ESRA mom, Trevor was described as a “Velcro” dog and is a very quiet and laid-back dog. He does not pull when being walked on a leash and has no desire to run away from her when loose in her yard. He is very sweet and gets along with all of the resident English Springer Spaniels in his foster home, both young and old. The ESRA foster mom reported no separation anxiety behavior, however, Trevor was surrounded by lots of company in her home with her personal dogs and fosters as well.

Once Trevor was moved to his new Welshie foster home in Kansas, his medical needs were addressed with treatment of ear infections and a skin infection. He was bathed and groomed and began to relax and settle in. His separation anxiety is not evident so long as he has company of either the canine or human kind. It is, therefore, felt that Trevor will do best in a home that is either a multiple-dog household or one in which at least one person that is home during the day to keep him company.