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WSS Breedings / Current Litters

Litter Whelped 22 February 2022.

2 Male and 4 Female Born.

Sire: CH Stufield’s Full Speed Ahead – “Hawk” – Hips Excellent. Thyroid, elbows, eyes normal/good.
Dam: Braith’s Key to My Heart – “Pippa” – Hips Excellent. Thyroid, elbows, eyes normal/good.
Breeder / Owner: Christine Connelly.
Address: Atlanta, GA.
Phone: (404) 247 - 0273.
Note: Please email me for a questionnaire

Litter Whelped 9 March 2022.

Sire: GCH CH Klass' Your Off To Great Places - "Del" - CHIC# 159363.
Dam: CH Rocksprings Royailes Thyme Capsule - "Arrow" - CHIC# 139207.
Breeder / Owner: Teri Kavakos, Fireside Welsh Springer Spaniels.
Address: Mahwah, NJ.
Phone: (201) 327 - 4785.

Litter Whelped 13 March 2022.

Sire: CH Crosswind's Rhythm N Motion, SR74627605.
Dam: CH Rysans Red River Flows With Klass, SR94981601.
Breeder / Owner: Treva Faires, Klass Welsh Springer Spaniels - “AKC Breeder of Merit”.
Address: Chandler, AZ.
Phone: (316) 644 - 5568.

Litter Whelped 17 March 2022.

Sire: BIS BISS Multi CH Welford's Jesmond Waterfall - "Jason".
Dam: GCHB Clussexx Got The Go Ahead From Stonecroft - "Cassie".
Breeder / Owner: Erin Miller, Stonecroft Welsh Springers.
Address: Elkton, VA.
Phone: (540) 435 - 9394.

Litter Whelped 12 April 2022.

7 Females and 1 Male born.

Sire: GCH Laramie Peak Just-A-Little Goofy - "Harold" - Hips excellent; thyroid, elbows, eyes normal.
Dam: GCHS Redsage Hello Sunshine - "Laurel" - Hips good; thyroid, elbows, eyes normal.
Breeder / Owner: Amy L. Herman, Juniper Welsh Springer Spaniels.
Address: Berkeley, CA.

Litter Whelped 26 April 2022.

Seven (7) puppies were born.

Sire: CH Aderyn’s Chinook - "Nook" - CHIC # 161118.
Dam: Anwen’s Summer Rain, - "Anna" - Hips Excellent, Elbows Normal. Thyroid and Eyes Good.
Breeder / Owner: Deryn Barnes, Anwen Welsh Springer Spaniels.
Address: Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada.
Phone: (250) 650 - 0926.

Planned Litter Expected 13 May 2022.

Sire: CH Trystyn's In Hot Pursuit RN SCN SBN.
Dam: CH Trystyn's Inside Information.
Breeder / Owner: Lauren Gaines, Withywindle Welsh Springer Spaniels.
Address: Appleton, WI.
Note: Request Puppy Questionnaire.

Planned Litter Expected 4 June 2022.

Sire: GCH, CH Rocksprings The Bare Necessities - "Baloo".
Dam: Statesmans Bold Venture CGC, CGCA, CGCU - "Sophie".
Breeder / Owner: Ron and Bobbie Gratz.

Planned Litter Expected 9 June 2022.

Sire: BIS BISS GCHS CH Trystyn Statesman Cactus Blue - "Maddux" - Hips: OFA Good. Elbows, Eyes, Thyroid, & Heart OFA Normal; CHIC# 72096.
Dam: Trystyn Benton Hooked On Quack - "Jolene" - Hips: OFA Excellent. Elbows, Eyes, Thyroid, & Heart OFA Normal; CHIC# 143549.
Breeder / Owner: Peggy Ruble and Sandra Holmes, Trystyn and Ky-Bryn Welsh Springers.
Address: Chelsea, MI.
Note: Please fill out the puppy questionnaire on the Forms page of the website.

Planned Litter Expected 11 June 2022.

Sire: GCH Trystyn's Private Label CD JH - “Sutton" - OFA Good Hips. Eyes, thyroid, elbows, & cardiac normal; CHIC# 149747.
Dam: CH Cryslen's Fat Bottomed Girl - “Fanny” - OFA Good Hips. Eyes, thyroid, elbows, & cardiac normal; CHIC# 150260.
Breeder / Owner: Crystal Nolen, Cryslen Welsh Springer Spaniels.
Address: Mechanicsville, VA.
Note: Fill out the application on my website.

Planned Litter Expected Mid June 2022.

Sire: CH Up Norths Gunflint Tail, UD; Hips, Elbows, Eyes and Thyroid Good / Normal.
Dam: Up Norths Fire N'Ice, CD; Hips, Elbows, Eyes and Thyroid Good / Normal.
Breeder / Owner: Jim & Deb Sackrison, Up North Welsh Springer Spaniels - "AKC Breeder of Merit".
Address: Minnetonka, Minnesota.

Planned Litter Expected 20 June 2022.

Sire: CH Statesman's Let It Be RN, RI - "Darwin" - Hips Good, Elbows Good, Thyroid Normal, Eyes Normal. CHIC # 140750.
Dam: CH Fox River Prairie Fire Dragon Fire WD - "Dragon" - Hips Excellent, Elbows Good, Thyroid Normal, Eyes Normal. CHIC # 158336.
Breeder / Owner: Lisa Juday , Fox River Prairie Fire Welsh Springer Spaniels.
Address: Cambridge, WI
Note: Please email for a puppy questionnaire.

Planned Litter Expected 5 July 2022.

Sire: CH Redsage Crackerjack Cadence - "Dexter" - OFA Hips Good / Eyes, Elbows & Thyroid normal; CHIC #79411.
Dam: Redsage Singular Shasta - "Shasta" - OFA Hips Good / Elbows & Thyroid normal (Eye & Cardiac exams normal and recently submitted).
Breeder / Owner: Katherine Dahlstet, Redsage Welsh Springers.
Address: Fruit Heights, UT
E-Mail Preferred:

WSS Breedings and Current Litter Information

  • WSS Breedings and Current Litter Information will be included on the WSS Breeding and Current Litter page only by specific request from the breeder.
  • To make the search for a puppy as simple as possible a single web page listing all breedings and current litters has been developed.
  • WSS Breedings and Current Litters to be listed in "Expected Due Date/Whelped Date" order.

Information needed to report a WSS Breeding or Current Litter.

  • Expected Litter Date.
  • Date Litter Whelped.
  • Region (Southeast, Mid-Atlantic, Northwest, etc...).
  • Sire and Dam.
  • Breeders / Owner Name.
  • Must be listed in the WSSCA Breeder Referral Listings (must be a member in good standing).
  • Must be owner (or lessee) of the Dam.
  • Additionally, if space permits, if you include additional kennel information (kennel name), health information (CHIC / OFA Numbers, etc...), call names, this information can also be included.

After the puppies are whelped:

  • If you notify me, I can also add number of puppies available (male and female).

E-mail your WSS Breeding or Current Litter Information (with expected due date or date whelped) request to Webmaster or mail your request to the webmaster.

Please do not request a listing until AFTER a breeding has been accomplished and you have an actual expected due date.

  • Monthly, any listing over 60 days old (from the Expected Due Date/Whelped Date) will automatically be removed unless a specific request to maintain a listing an additional 30 days is received.

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