Champion Pedigree Templates

Champion Pedigree Template

Please Note:

1. There are two Champion Pedigree Templates: The "Regular Name/Title Template" and the "Extended Name/Title Template". The Regular Name/Title Template will be used by most people; the Extended Name/Title Template is to be used by people whose dogs have an extended number of titles which will not fit on the Regular Name/Title Template

2. New Forms have been developed. If you still have the original forms in your computer please delete them and replace them with the new forms.

3. An "Adobe Acrobat Reader DC" is required for the forms to work correctly and is available free of charge at

Please review the completed example template at the bottom of this page prior to completeing your pedigree forms. The box under the Registered Name Name/Title & Call Name is for health information. We recommend basic OFA information and the CHIC number if available. We also recommend you include an email address or phone number at the bottom of the form.

The photo submitted with the form should be 300 dpi and can be up to 4.75” wide x 2.6” high and needs to be in the JPG format with compression set at medium. The photo can be a larger than the recommended size; the photo will be automatically reduced to the size necessary to fit within the designated space and will maintain proper scaling for the photo. Example: A photo which is 10” x 5.47” will reduce to the proper size. If the photo does not match the exact ratio for reduction to 4.75” wide x 2.6” it will simply leave a blank space for the area not covered by the photo.

Once you have gotten your photo set up, fill in the form and then click on the image area in the form and if you are using a current Adobe Acrobat Reader DC you will be able to brouse to the location of the photo and it will be inserted into the form and if necessary it will be reduced in size.

Once you have completed your pedigree form, please email the form to Only one dog per page.

Questions can be sent to Betsie (, Cindy (, or Brenda (

Please send completed forms to

The templates are interactive; however, for the features of the templates to function correctly you must have a current Adobe Acrobat Reader DC.

Download and save the forms to a known location on your computer, open your Adobe Acrobat Reader DC and access the form.

The Templates:

Champion Regular Name/Title Template

Champion Extended Name/Title Template

Example Completed Template

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