2010 WSSCA Independent National Specialty
Thursday, Friday & Monday 01, 02 & 05 April 2010



Cascades of Welshies

Hosted by Pacific Northwest WSS Club
Chairperson, Franna Pitt

Linn County Fairgrounds
Albany, Oregon

Welsh Springer Spaniel Club of America

Thursday, 01 April 2010

WSS only Tracking
Judges: Roy Fair and Sally Diess


  • Holly House's Making Waves, TD



WSS only Agility
Judge: Jim Primmer


  • HIT Agility
    Johnstone's Timmarie, CDE, RA
    From Novice Preferred JWW Class.
  • Excellent FAST 16” – 68 points
    “Quip” Middlebrook That Will Do, AX, AXJ, XF
    Mary Mandich
  • Open JWW 16” – 95 points – New Title
    “Clifford” Ch. Briarbanc Brych Red Dog, RE, JH, AX, NAJ, NF, CGC
    Franna Pitt
  • Open FAST 16” – 70 points
    “Clifford” Ch. Briarbanc Brych Red Dog, RE, JH AX, OAJ, NF, CGC
    Franna Pitt
  • Novice Preferred JWW 16” – 100 points – High in Trial
    “Timmarie” Johnstone’s Timmarie, CD, RA
    Cheryl Johnson
  • Novice Preferred JWW 12” – 88 points
    “Lucy” Cole Creek Spring Beauty, RA