2011 WSSCA Supported Entry
& Iron Welsh Challenge
16 thru 19 September 2011
Three Rivers Kennel Club of Missouri
Purina Farms
200 Checkboard Drive
Gray Summit, MO

Hosted by:
Betsie Czeschin, Central States WSSC, Dogwood WSSC of Greater Atlanta, Pacific Northwest WSSC,
& the Iron Welsh Challenge Committee. Chairperson: Betsie Czechin.

Secretary (for Welsh Only Events) - Tracking, Agility, Obedience, Rally, Hunt Test:
Betsie Czeschin

19 September 2011

Hunt Test Qualifiers - Judges: Danae Steele and Paul Morrison

  • Junior

612 - Tuff - (New Title) CH Ky-Bryn’s One More Day, SR488170/02. 03/19/08. Bitch. BREEDER. Peggy & Bryce Ruble. By Ch Ky-Bryn’s Frontline Gunner, CDX, SH, RA, CGC, VCX - Ch Ky-Bryn’s Radiance. OWNER: Peggy Ruble & Christine Wheeler. Erie, KS.

601 - Clifford - CH Briarbanc Brych Red Dog VCD1, RE, AX, OAJ, JH, OF, CGC, SN866393/01. 09/25/01. Dog. BREEDER: Adrienne Bancker & Dawn Ford. By Ch Benton Ivy League, UD, RA, MX, AXJ, MXP2, MJP, CGC - Ch Rwyn Heaven’s Telstar, UD, OA, OAJ, NAP, CGC. OWNER: Franna Pitt. Auburn, WA.

  • Senior

610 - Josey - CH Trystyn’s Aarikka, JH, SR255849/01. 03/28/05. Bitch. BREEDER: Sandra Holmes. By Ch Benton Nevada Storm - Ch Trystyn’s Hula Popper. OWNER: Sandra Holmes & Meghen Bassel. Chelsea, MI.

Iron Welsh Challenge

  • Iron Welsh Champions

Ripley - CH CT Saga’s Talented Miss Ripley VCD3, GO, RA, SH, MX, MXJ, SR201031/01. 04/26/04. Bitch. By Ch Saga’s Smooth Talker - Ch Saga’s Drama Queen. OWNER: Lisa Sinke.

  • Iron Welsh Silver

Emma - Mystic Acres Not Quite a Lady, RE, CD, OA, NAJ, NF, SR341601/03. 03/24/06. Bitch. By Ch Lynlee’s Gusin - Ch Daytime’s Hunter’s Treasure. OWNER: Donna Wesemann.

  • Iron Welsh Bronze (A TIE! Even after applying three tie breakers)

Walker - CH Trystyn’s Country Cabernet, SR074726/03. 05/01/03. Dog. By Ch Rolyart’s Going Great Guns - Ch Trystyn’s Hula Popper. OWNER: Cindy Rhine & Sandra Holmes.

Parker - CH Statesman’s Sea Captain at Redstone, RN, SR509812/06. 06/05/08. Dog. By Ch Statesman’s Nearco - Ch Slapestones Sea Breeze. OWNER: Donna Wesemann.

  • Iron Welsh Qualifiers (qualified in at least 2 events)

Holly - CH Redstone’s Once Upon a Time, RE, BN, SR528333/07. 11/09/08. Bitch. By Ch. Statesman Skeldale’s Nashman, RN - Ch. Mystic Acres Not Quite a Lady, CD, RE, OA, NAJ, NF. OWNER: Donna Wesemann.

Logan - Mystic Acres Ultimate Weapon, CD, GN, RAE, NA, NAJ, NF, SR386842/01. 10/27/06. Dog. By Ch Daytime’s Hunt of the Sun - Ch Holly House Sassafras. OWNER: Donna & Fred Wesemann & E. Carla Vooris.

Molly - CH Ky-Bryn’s Diekroeger Red, BN, RN, CHIC, CGC, SN721026/02. 01/26/00. Bitch. By Ch Statesman’s Tennyson JH - Ch Ky-Bryn’s Krush on You, RN, WD, VC. OWNER: Betsie Czeschin & Clint Czeschin.

Rosy - Trystyn’s Dragonfly, TD, SR 520377/02. 08/15/08. Bitch. By Ch Trystyn’s Country Cabernet - Ch Trystyn’s Its Only Love. OWNER: Kim Laird & Sandra Holmes.

Ruby - CH Fox River Cranberry Bounce, CGC. SR413371/07. 02/22/07. Bitch. By Ch Don’s Full Fig - Ch Lynlee’s Fox River Sweet Pea, CD, RE, JH, OJP, OAP. OWNER: Andrea, Amy & Tim Pease.

Sarah - CH Ky-Bryn’s Prairie Rose, RN, CHIC, SR429328/02.  05/06/07. Bitch. By Ch Ky-Bryn’s Front and Center - Ch Ky-Bryn’s Radiance WD. OWNER: Betsie Czeschin & Clint Czeschin.

Spike - CH Statesman’s Amicus, CHIC, SR562657/02. 04/21/09. Dog. By Chateau Climens Av Vettin - Ch Slapestones Sea Breeze. OWNER: Betsie Czeschin & Clint Czeschin.

Tucker - CH Statesman’s Heartfelt Sentiments, CHIC, SR361716/02. 08/03/06. Dog. By GCH Ch Statesman’s Winners Circle - Ch Trystyn’s Riesling. OWNER: Todd & Beverly Garaux.