WSSCA National Spacialty Weekend

WSSCA Hunt Test; Wednesdy, 01 May 2019

WSSCA Tracking Test; Thursday, 02 May 2019

WSSCA Junior Hunt Test

Judges: Vickie Dahik and Dawn Schuster

Results supplied by Betsie Czeschin. Thank You Betsie!

(1) CH Fox River Haf Gymraeg WD JH
(F) 3/10/13
Sire: CH. Benton Ivy League
Dam: CH Fox River Queen Anne's Lace
Breeder: Andrea Pease
Owner: Lisa Juday
Handler: Lisa Juday

(2) Fox River Celtic Little Chute
(F) 08/15/17
Sire: GCH CH Rocksprings Cadoc of the Battle
Dam: GCH CH Fox River Good Golly Miss Molly CGC
Breeder: Andrea Pease, Kevin and Joan O'Neill
Owner: Andrea Pease
Handler: Andrea Pease

(3) Jmh's Top Boy Whitey Whiteums
(M) 01/13/10
Sire: J-WC JMH's Northwoods Top Man
Dam: Queen Our Loyal Welsh
Breeder: Jeff Hernersmann
Owner: Jeff Hermersmann
Handler: Jeff Hernersmann

(4) CH Wyndynn Wyll Power CGC
(M) 04/15/14
Sire: CH Tydaky’s Wyndfall UD RA NA NAJ
Dam: CH Tydaky’s Whatever the Weather
Breeder: Karen Lyle
Owner: Mary Ann Wojcik
Handler: Randall Wojcik

(5) GCH CH Aurora Whole Lot of Shakin Going On
(M) 04/29/10
Sire: CH Ky-Bryn's Greatest Gift RN JH
Dam: Ch Holly House Joy of Aurora
Breeder: Rhonda R Kuhn, Anne F Legare, Sandra Roth
Owner: Richard Thompson
Handler: Richard Thompson

(6) Trystyn’s Radio Flyer
(M) 04/01/17
Sire: Trystyn’s Spring Into Action
Dam: Trystyn’s Cinnamon Suede
Breeder: K Peter DVM and Marjo Jaakkola
Owner: Maureen Behrens
Handler: Maureen Behrens

(7) Fox River Prairie Fire Dragon Fire
(F) 03/04/17
Sire: CH Fox River Lambeau Leap
Dam: CH Fox River Haf Gymraeg JH WD
Breeder: Lisa Juday
Owner: Lisa Juday
Handler: Lisa Juday

(8) GCH CH Fox River Higgs Boson JH WD CGC
(M) 03/10/13
Sire: CH Benton Ivy League UD RA MX AXJ MXP2 MJP
Dam: GCH CH Fox River Queen Anne's Lace BN CD RE CGC
Breeder: Andrea Pease, Tim Pease, Amy Pease
Owner: Andrea Pease, Amy Pease
Handler: Andrea Pease

WSSCA Senior Hunt Test

Judges: Vickie Dahik and Dawn Schuster

Results supplied by Betsie Czeschin. Thank You Betsie!

(9) Rolyart's Playing Hooky (Gretchen)

Sire: CH Rolyart’s Its All About The Timining
Dam: CH Rolyart’s Ready To Play
Breeder: Cindy Ford & Shelley Traylor
Owner: Francis X. Pampush & Agnes G. Pampush
Handler: Frank Pampush

Gretchen earned her Senior Hunter Title today.

WSSCA Tracking Test

Judges: Annette Cochrane and Rebecca Johnson

Results supplied by Betsie Czeschin. Thank You Betsie!


TD Entries

(101) GCH Fox River Sweet Solitude BN CGC. SR80324204.
(Winnie) Bitch. 11/11/13.
Breeder: Andrea Pease.
GCH CH Fox River Lambeau Leap CGC x GCH CH Fox River Queen Anne's Lace BN CD RE CGC.
Owner(s): Andrea, Tim, and Amy Pease.
Certified by Anne C. Evarts, March 27, 2019.

(102) Rolyart’s Rolls Royce. SS05656205.
(Az) Dog. 06/11/18.
Breeder: Cindy Ford and Shelley Traylor.
GCH CH Bartay’s Little Bit Rock n Roll CD BN RN CGC x CH Rolyart’s Ready To Play.
Owners: Cyndi Deitrick, Cindy Ford, Shelley Traylor.
Certified by Sandy McMillan, February 28, 2019.

(103) GCH CH Cryslen's Worth A Million RN SCN SIN SEN CGC TKA. SR90034904.
(Wynn) Dog. 10/26/15.
Breeder: Crystal Nolen.
CH Trystyn’s Counting Crows x GCH Mystic Acres Cryslen's Kung Fu Princess.
Owners: Karen and Lauren Gaines, Crystal Nolen.
Certified by Anne C Evarts, April 19, 2019.

TDX Entries

(201) GCHB CH Holly House's Making Waves VCD1 BN RN OA AXJ. SR54482304.
(Splash) Dog. 12/12/08.
Breeders: Anne F. Legare and Sandra N. Roth.
GCH Rolyart's Full Force x GCH Holly House Empres Josephine.
Owners: Sandra N. Roth and Anne F. Legare.

(202) Trystyn’s Dragonfly RA VST SCN. SR52037702.
{Rosy) Bitch. 08/15/08.
Breeder: Treva and Monty Faires.
CH Trystyn's County Cabernet x CH Trystyn's Its Only Love.
Owner: Kimberly Laird.

Trystyn’s Dragonfly earned her CT because she had VST and earned TDX today. She is the second Welsh to earn a CT.

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