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The Breed Standard Examined - A Comparison

An Overview - Prepared by: A. Bancker, April 1997
  Welsh Springer Spaniel (Std Effect: 08/01/89) English Springer Spaniel (Std Effect: 03/31/94) Brittany (Std Effect: 05/31/90)
General Appearance + Attractive dog of handy size.
+ Substance without Coarseness.
+ Impression of Length.
+ Obviously built for hard work and endurance.
+ Hard muscled condition.
+ Compact.
+ Not leggy.
+ Coat - not excessive, but thick enough to protect from heavy cover and weather.
+ Comments: The Welsh Springer is simple, functional and unexaggerated and should give the impression of a working spaniel.
+ Medium sized sporting dog with compact body.
+ Well proportioned.
+ Carriage is proud and upstanding.
+ Coat moderately long.
+ Pendulous ears
+ Suggest power, endurance and agility.
+ Endowed with style, symmetry, balance and enthusiasm.
+ Compact, closely knit dog of medium size.
+ Leggy, appearance of a great ground coverer
+Ruggedness without clumsiness.
Size + Dogs - 18 to 19 inches.
+ Bitches - 17 to 18 inches.
+ Above or below the ideal to be proportionately penalized.
+ Comments: These sizes are approximate. A well balanced animal should be given consideration over an 'ideal height' without quality.
+ Dogs - 20 inches, weight approx. 50 pounds.
+ Bitches - 19 inches, weight approx. 40 pounds.
+ An inch over or under the breed ideal should be faulted.
+ Dogs - 20 inches, weight approx. 50 pounds.
+ Bitches - 19 inches, weight approx. 40 pounds.
+ An inch over or under the breed ideal should be faulted.
Proportion + Length of body from the withers to base of tail is very slightly greater than the distance from the wither to the ground.
+ Comments: Another image of desired proportion is to imagine a picture of a square within a rectangle.
+ Length of body from point of shoulder to point of buttocks is slightly greater than the height at withers. + Height at the shoulders is the same as the length of his body.
+ Body length measured from point of forechest to rear of the rump.
+ Long body heavily penalized.
Substance + Weight - in proportion to height.
+ Comments: An adult male at 19 inches would weigh about 45 to 50 pounds. An adult bitch at 18 inches would weigh about 40 to 45 pounds. The Welsh should be moderately boned.
+ Appears well-knit and sturdy with good bone, never coarse or ponderous. + Not to light in bone.
+ Never heavy-boned and cumbersome.
Head + In proportion to body.
+ Neither broad and coarse nor narrow and racy.
+ Skull is medium length, slightly domed.
+ Stop - clearly defined.
+ Well chiseled below the eyes.
+ Plane of skull is very slightly divergent to plane of muzzle.
+ No tendency to downface.
+ Comments: The divergent planes comes from the slightly domed skull with the straight muzzle.
+ In profile the head is approx. the same length as the neck.
+ Impressive without being heavy.
+ Skull is medium length, fairly broad, flat on top and slightly rounded on sides and back.
+ Stop is a subtle rise, emphasized by the grove and position and shape of eyebrows.
+ In profile the toplines of skull and muzzle lie in parallel planes.
+ Alert, eager, soft expression.
+ Skull is medium length.
+ Rounded, slightly wedged shape.
+ Width not quite as wide as length.
+ Neither so broad as to be coarse, nor narrow and racy.
+ Well chiseled under eye.
+ Stop - well defined but gently sloping.
+ Never apple headed and never have indented stop.
Eyes + Oval shaped.
+ Medium sized.
+ Dark to medium brown.
+ Soft expression.
+ Yellow or mean looking eyes to be heavily penalized.
+ Eye rims tight, dark pigmentation.
+ Not prominent, sunken nor showing haw.
+ Comments: Hazel eyes should not be confused with yellow, green or gooseberry eyes.
+ Oval shaped.
+ Medium sized.
+ Set rather far apart and fairly deep in their sockets.
+ Dark hazel in liver dogs, deep brown in black dogs.
+ Eye rims fully pigmented.
+ Little or no haw showing.
+ Not prominent, full or pop eye.
+ Well set in head.
+ Lower lids should not form pockets.
+ Preference for darker colors.
+ Lighter shades of amber not to be penalized.
+ Light and mean looking eye - heavily penalized.
Ears + Set on approx. at eye level.
+ Small - leather does not reach to nose. Hang close to cheek.
+ Shaped somewhat like a vine leaf.
+ Comments: Shape can be like a vine leaf, can also include a pear shape. Moderate leather - not thin or heavy as in some hounds. Not pendulous. Feathering does not grow much beyond the length of the leather.
+ Set on level with eye.
+ Long, fairly wide, hanging close to cheeks with no tendency to stand up or out.
+ leather thin and approx. long enough to reach nose.
+ Set high above level of eyes.
+ Short, triangular - tip rounded very slightly.
+ Reaches about half the length of muzzle.
Muzzle + Equal or slightly shorter than length of skull.
+ Straight.
+ Fairly square.
+ No excessive flew.
+ Nostrils well developed - black or any shade of brown. Pink to be severely penalized.
+ Comments: In profile the muzzle slightly tapers toward the nostrils. From the front the nostril/jaw area should be square - with wide full nostrils and jaws that allow for full dentition.
+ Approx. the same length as the skull and half the width.
+ Upper lips come down full and rather square to cover the line on the lower jaw.
+ Nostrils well opened and broad - fully pigmented, liver or black.
+ About 2/3 length of skull.
+ Tapers gently in both horizontal and vertical dimension approaching the nostrils.
+ Flews to be penalized. Lips tight, dry. Upper lip overlaps lower jaw just to cover lower lip.
+ Nostrils well opened - color fawn, tan, shades of brown or deep pink.
+ Black nose disqualifies.
Bite + Scissors.
+ Undershot jaw - severely penalized.
+ Ideal - close scissors.
+ Under or overshot or wry - severely penalized.
+ Even bite or slight misalignment - minor faults.
+ Scissors.
+ Over or undershot to be heavily penalized.
Neck + Long, slightly arched.
+ Clean in throat.
+ Set into long, sloping shoulders. + Comments: The standard states long neck. The intent was to have useful, muscular necks that could be used for balance when swimming, retrieving and for scenting game and not to have very long, over muscled (stallion like) necks.
+ Moderately long,muscular, clean, slightly arched.
+ Blends gradually, smoothly into sloping shoulders.
+ Medium length.
+ Free from throatiness.
+ Strong without being over muscled.
+ Well set into sloping shoulders.


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