The WSSCA Education Committee was established to create a framework for educating Club Members and Judges about all aspects of the Welsh Springer Spaniel.

"The Working Welshman" is a 19 minute video produced by the Dogwood WSSCGA. This video is the property of The Dogwood WSSCGA and is being provided with its permission.

The idea for The Working Welshman was to bring the words of the Welsh Springer Spaniel standard to life.  Through the use of live footage and enhanced still photography the viewer is taken through each of the paragraphs of the breed standard. Dogs are used to demonstrate both virtues and faults. Because the video strives to produce a positive learning experience, dogs with highlighted faults, in most cases, are otherwise good and typical representatives of the breed.  Even if you have never hunted or shown a Welsh Springer, after watching the video you'll come away with a better appreciation of how, and why, the breed's unique proportions, structure, and type work in the field and in the ring.  Form truly does follow function and this video explains both.

"The Welsh Springer" is a 17 minute video produced in 1989 by the American Kennel Club with the assistance of the Welsh Springer Spaniel Club of America. This video is the property of The American Kennel Club and is being provided with its permission.

This video was produced to educate WSSCA Club Members, Breeders and Judges on the finer aspects of the WSS Standard; demonstrating both the good and the bad. It was not intended to go through the standard verbatim but to cover those aspects which seemed to raise the most questions and try to standardize the standards interpretation.

The "WSS Illustrated Standard" and the "Judges Quick Reference Guide" were developed by the WSSCA Education Committee.

The "WSSCA Mentor Program" was developed by the WSSCA Education Committee to allow experienced Club Members to mentor new Club Members and prospective Judges ringside.

When available "Judges Education/Seminar Information" is published here so that when these courses are being scheduled Club Members and Judges can make arrangements to attend.