Welshie Showcase & Slideshow
  • Everyone's Welshie is special! These pages are specifically set aside to allow Welsh Springer owners to showcase your special dog. If you have any special photos of your dog that you would like to share please do forward a copy to the webmaster so that it can be included here.
    • An email attachment or an actual photo can be used.
      • Large format photos are preferred though not necessary.
      • Actual photos will be returned.
  • Please note that the oldest photos will be on the first page (Page 1) and the newest will be on the last page (Page 3) while the Slideshow will show all the Welshie Showcase Photos in sequence.
  • Information to be included when forwarding a photo to the webmaster:
    • Full name of dog with titles (if any titles).
    • Call name of dog.
    • Name of owner.
    • Email address.
    • Caption to be included with photo (if any).

  • Forward your photos to the webmaster!